Ten people, who were arrested today for breaching the Public Health Ordinance Regulations have been charged.
According to police reports, Police Commissioner Gary Griffith received information from the public and directed officers to the area.
The suspects were found bathing in the waters off Bayside Towers in Cocorite. They were taken to the Four Roads Police Station and charged under Section 3 of the Public Health Regulations 2020.
The regulation states that during the specified period, a person shall not, without reasonable justification, “be found at or in any beach, river, stream, pond, spring, or a similar body of water, unless the presence of that person is essential for the carrying out or provision of a service specified.”
The penalty for such an offence is a $50,000 fine and six months in prison.
The arrest of this group followed a similar incident on April 19 when 27 persons were detained by Police, headed by Commissioner Griffith, bathing in the waters off Sea Lots, Port-of-Spain.
The CoP spoke to the persons, warned them, and later released everyone without charge.
Commissioner Griffith says that when the Sea Lots incident took place, there were persons who were crying at the way the Police handled that incident, and that the children were put to lie on the ground. He pointed out these so-called experts did not like how the the matter was handled. He made it quite clear that the role of the Police is to save lives at a time when the invisible COVID-19 virus is still threatening the citizens of this country.
The CoP thanked members of the public for sending him the information of the persons bathing in the water off Bayside Towers.

Reporter: Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant