Ten people were arrested and charged in the Southern Division for breaching the State of Emergency Powers 2021 by consuming alcohol in a public space, police said in a statement Sunday.

The arrests were made in San Fernando, St. Margaret’s, and Princes Town during an exercise carried out by the Southern Division Task Force (SDTF) on May 29th 2021. The exercise was geared towards enforcing the Public Health Regulations.

Of the ten arrested, two persons were also charged with additional offences. Samantha Chance, 29, of Cipero Railway Road, Ste Madeline, was also charged for resisting arrest, while Shazam Mohammed, a 33-year-old labourer of Hermitage Road, Claxton Bay, was charged for using obscene language, disorderly behaviour, resisting arrest, and was also issued a fixed penalty notice for failure to wear a mask in public.

The people arrested are as follows:

1. Joel Roland Harold, 35, Hermitage Village

2. Khemchan Henry, 55, St. Margaret’s Village

3. David Hospedales, 20, St. Margaret’s Village

4. Dale Franklyn, 35, St. Margaret’s Village

5. Merle Gomez, 68, California

6. Wayne Baptiste, 55, San Fernando

7. Lorenzo Lindsay, 62, Marabella

8. Michael Tidd, 70, Marabella

9. Samantha Chance, 29, Ste. Madeleine

10. Shazam Mohammed, 33, Macaulay.

The exercise was coordinated by Snr. Supt. Lucia Winchester, Supt. Carty, ASP Ramdass and Insp. Phillip.

It was supervised by Sergeants Joseph and Charles, with Cpl. (Ag.) Bahadur. The charges were laid by PC Weekes, Cpl. (Ag.) Bahadur, PC Ramlochan and WPC Renne.