Ten persons—five men and five women—who were seen liming on the Mayaro/Manzanilla beach, have been charged with being on a beach for recreational purposes contrary to the Public Health Regulations, by officers of the Mayaro Police Station.

According to official police reports, during a roving road check exercise in the Mayaro district yesterday (Saturday 18th September 2021), officers of the Mayaro Criminal Investigation Department (CID) saw several persons liming on the edges of the Mayaro/Manzanila Beach.

They all were arrested and subsequently charged by PC Meighoo and PC Mohammed. Those charged were:

(1) Dillon Worrel, of Malabar, Arima

(2) Samantha Ramrattan, of Long Circular Road, St James

(3) Lennox Boodram, of Dow Village, California

(4) Kavita Ramesar, of, Couva

(5) Steve Duncan of, Bon Air West, Arouca

(6) Shivani Sonilal of, Penal Rock Road, Penal

(7) Christopher Pottie, of New Grant, Princes Town

(8) Victoria Sinanan-Pottie, of New Grant, Princes Town

(9) Lincoln Sinanan, of Piparo, Williamsville

(10) Jassodra Sinanan, of Piparo, Williamsville

The exercise was coordinated by coordinated by Inspector Ramkissoon and supervised by Ag Sgt Hazel, Ag Cpl Neaves and Ag Cpl Flores.