A few of the items seized by police during the anti-crime exercise ‘Operation Sweep Tobago by Storm’, conducted on Thursday 4th March 2021. (Image: TTPS)

A major anti-crime operation in Tobago yesterday, involving over 100 police officers, has resulted in the arrest of 14 persons for various offences, the seizure of narcotics, and the recovery of a few stolen items.

“Operation Sweep Tobago by Storm”—a combination of roadblocks, raids and searches, and anti-crime exercises—was conducted throughout the Tobago Division between 3 am and 3 pm, on Thursday 4th March 2021.

The Police Service reports that the operation resulted in:

●   the arrest of 14 persons for offences such larceny, fraudulent conversion, house-breaking and larceny, robbery with violence, possession of a firearm, and sexual offences;

●   the seizure of one (1) Bernardelli nine-millimetre pistol in an old refrigerator at an abandoned building in Bon Accord;

●   the seizure of 3.784 kilogrammes of marijuana;

●   the issuance of 27 U-turn tickets;

●   the search of 23 dwelling houses where items such as cellular phones and jewellery were recovered;

●   the arrest of one illegal Venezuelan immigrant;

●   the issuance of eight (8) Public Health Fixed Penalty Notices.

The operation was coordinated by Snr Supt Anand Ramesar and spearheaded by ASP Mark Joseph and ASP Rodhill Kirk.

More than 110 police officers participated in the island-wide operation, which involved officers attached to the five Police Station districts—Charlotteville, Moriah, Shirvan Road, Scarborough, Crown Point—and the Emergency Response Unit, along with sections such as Canine Unit, the Criminal Investigations Department, Traffic Department and Warrant Section.