The Ministry of Health confirmed 16 new infections yesterday from samples taken between November 14 and 16.

The newly discovered cases bring the total number of infections locally to 6,096.

Thirty-eight people were also released from the ministry’s care; five people were discharged from public health facilities while 33 were released from home self-isolation as recovered community cases. These releases brought the number of people to recover from the virus so far to 5,440.

The newly discovered infections and released patients bring the number of active cases to 544 of which 467 were in home self-isolation, 37 in hospitals and 24 in step-down/transitional facilities. There were 219 people in state quarantine facilities.

Deaths remained at 112.

Meanwhile, the Division of Health, Wellness, and Family Development in Tobago has reported that there are no new COVID-19 cases in Tobago for the past 20 days.

There are also no active cases.

This is according to a statement from the division yesterday.

The division’s Secretary Tracy Davidson -Celestine is encouraging persons with symptoms of the virus to get tested and warns residents not to become complacent.

“We need to be vigilant. COVID can be and is everywhere. We might be free now, but we must work to keeping it so,” she said.

“We are in a much better place than previous months, but we need to be mindful and continue to observe protocols,” she added.

In the statement, she also pointed out that the absence of cases “does not mean the island is COVID free. This means of those tested, no new cases have presented.”

The secretary complimented the Health Division’s medical staff, saying they “put their lives on the line every day.”

The statement gave the island’s clinical update as of Monday, November 16, 2020:

Number of persons discharged


Number of samples submitted to the Tobago Regional Health Authority (TRHA) and other local sites to test for COVID-19


Number of samples that tested positive for COVID-19


Number of active COVID-19 cases

0 (20 days)

Number of deaths


The release asked the public to continue practising all preventative and safety measures to curb the spread of the virus.