The TTS Scarborough (CG42).

Eighteen persons currently are in custody after being caught attempting to illegally enter the country, says a report from the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard (TTCG).

According to the Coast Guard report:

“While conducting patrols of the south coast of Trinidad, the TTS Scarborough detected a vessel five nautical miles south-east of Anglais Point, Palo Seco, after the vessel had crossed the border of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago from Venezuela.  The boarding party on board the TTS Scarborough pursued the suspect vessel and discovered it abandoned approximately five cables (or 1,000 yards) south of Anglais Point.”

The report continued:

“Further searches of the area were conducted where luggage and other personal belongings were discovered.  Upon further investigation, the crew of TTS Scarborough saw evidence of human activity which led to extensive searches of the nearby forest.  These searches led to the discovery of 18 persons attempting to illegally enter Trinidad and Tobago.”

“These persons have since been detained and have been processed in accordance with health and immigration protocols,” the Coast Guard report concluded.