A social media post from the Office of the President for citizens to tour and visit President’s House.

Two hundred people have won the honour of touring President’s House, following a lottery draw which was televised live yesterday.

Comedian Errol Fabien hosted the 25-minute draw, which was shown on TTT.

During the draw, it was revealed that 732 persons offered entries into the lottery, which was announced by President Paula-Mae Weekes during her Christmas address to the nation.

There had been criticism of the President’s move to have citizens take part in the lottery for a chance to tour the residence, with some all citizens should be allowed access for a small maintenance or upkeep fee.

President’s House was reopened on December 17, 2019, after being closed for close to a decade when a roof collapsed in May 2010.

Avonelle Keith, Kent Sampson and Nadia Mohammed were the first three persons selected in the draw.

However, host Fabien advised that being selected did not guarantee them access to President’s House.

‘“We still have to do background checks on you,’ said Fabien, “We are not sending transportation for you. You have to supply your own transport. When you win, you have to come yourself. If you think you can transfer to your neighbour, no, you can’t do that and you must be on time.”

President’s House was formally reopened on December 17, 2019, after it was restored.

The building had not been in use since part of its roof collapsed before the May 2010 general election.

The renovation cost an estimated $89 million.