A 22-year-old man has been detained in connection with a stolen vehicle.
Police officers of the Barataria Police Station responded to a report of a robbery with aggravation against a male taxi driver in the Aranguez area at 11 am on July 5th.
According to police reports, the victim picked up five young men clad in varying T-shirts and short pants who requested to be taken to lower Aranguez to attend a football game.

Upon reaching the vicinity of Johnny King Road, Aranguez, one of the men allegedly placed a knife to the victim’s neck while another suspect pointed an object resembling a firearm at him and announced a hold up.

The victim told police that he became fearful for his life and was ordered out of the vehicle. The suspects then made good their escape in a southerly direction with the victim’s vehicle. The taxi driver immediately contacted the police who responded within minutes and observed the stolen car at Ali Drive, Aranguez.

One man, who matched the description provided by the victim to police, was in the immediate proximity of the vehicle was subsequently taken into police custody.

It was at the station when the victim arrived to lodge an official report of the incident, he observed a man who was held by police, positively identifying him as one of the five suspects from the incident.
Barataria Police are actively searching for the remaining suspects who remain at large. Officers are urging anyone who may have witnessed the crime or have knowledge of the suspects involved in this incident to contact them immediately at 674-4724. The suspect is expected to be charged today, while lead investigator PC Mulrain of the Barataria Criminal Investigations Department (CID) continues investigations.