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Clean-up operations on the Manzanilla beachfront has yielded 2,200 bags of garbage, comprising mainly of plastics, styrofoam, fishing nets and textiles.

More than 450 workers from the CEPEP company participated in a clean-up exercise which started near the Manzanilla resort and continued for five kilometres on the prized beachfront.

CEPEP’s chief executive officer Keith Eddy said every month a beach will be identified and cleaned.

The Manzanilla beachfront initiative started on Saturday and a total of 35 contractors were employed.

The workers also removed rotted sargassum which had accumulated for miles on the coastline.

The cleanup, which will continue over the next few weeks, started in July 2019. Among the areas cleaned were Carat Shed Beach in La Brea, Dean’s Bay in Chaguaramas and La Retreat Beach in Moruga. All of these beaches are being cleaned continuously.

Eddy said apart from the beach cleanup, CEPEP also cleans the Caura and Guayama River areas.

“We are cleaning up the country one area at a time,” he said.

Eddy also urged all CEPEP workers to be proud of their work.

He noted that the CEPEP workers were doing their part in protecting the environment and improving the lives of people in their communities.

He also issued a public appeal to citizens to desist from littering saying, “We are supposed to protect these beaches that we love to patronize”.

Also assisting in the clean-up exercise was Chairman of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation (SGRC), Anil Juteram, former Chairman, Terry Rondon, Vice-Chairman, Kenwyn Phillip and other members of the SGRC Council.

Juteram and Rondon both praised the tremendous work done by the CEPEP Company and pledged their continued support for these environmental programmes.

The Corporation assisted in providing three trucks to remove the debris.