Update courtesy TTPS.

At present, a total of 225 police officers are positive for COVID-19, while 560 of them are currently in quarantine, according to the latest COVID-19 update issued by the Police Service.

Also in the update for today, the Police Service is reporting that within the last 24 hours, four people were arrested for breach of Curfew Hours, bringing the total to 831 persons arrested since the State of Emergency began.

The TTPS has issued some 73 face mask tickets over the past 24 hours, bringing the total number issued since lockdown began to 13,119 tickets.

Five more people were arrested for breach of the Public Health Regulations, bringing the total number arrested for this offence to 1,120 persons.

And as part of its enforcement of the Emergency Powers and Public Health Regulations over the past 24 hours, the TTPS update reports that 424 patrols and 92 roadblocks were conducted during that period.

The Police Service also is encouraging citizens to adhere to the Regulations and to share information on possible breaches.