Newly inducted Prison Service Drivers recite the Oath of Allegiance. (Image courtesy the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service)

The Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service welcomed 37 Prison Service Drivers into its ranks—the largest number of drivers ever to be inducted at one time in the history of the Prison Service—during a brief ceremony at the Prisons Training College, on Friday 3rd December 2021.

An official statement from the Prison Service notes that Batch 690 underwent a comprehensive three-month training program. The program included theoretical, practical, and physical components which prepared them for their roles as Prison Service Drivers.

During his address, Commissioner of Prisons, Dennis Pulchan congratulated the 37 Prison Service Drivers and wished them a successful and enhancing career during their tenure, on behalf of the Prison Service.

The Prisons Commissioner advised the graduates that despite the current adversities being faced by the Service, they should not be discouraged and never compromise their integrity, honesty or ethics.

He also reminded them that the process prior to being inducted was a long and gruelling one, and their job is not one to be taken lightly or for granted, especially with the current economic climate.