Minister of Finance Colm Imbert

The su of of $4.3 million for 436,400 face masks to protect citizens against COVID -19.

That’s what Finance Minister Colm Imbert said Government paid for the masks which were provided by 103 suppliers.

Imbert gave the information in Parliament yesterday replying to Opposition call for details on the supply.

He said the masks were to have been distributed by NGOs, MPs and councillors to citizens for use against the COVID-19 virus. Masks were distributed to the 14 regional corporations .

He detailed suppliers’ names, what they were paid and the number of masks they supplied, in figures starting from a minimum of 100 masks and upwards. But his brief allotted speaking time expired before he could complete all 103 suppliers.

Pressed by UNC MPs on whether any relative of a Government MP was among suppliers, Imbert said he had no knowledge of that, “If you have names, tell us…” He told the Opposition.

On another Opposition query, Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh said an autopsy was done on Sherise Williams who collapsed and died at the Port-of- Spain General Hospital on Tuesday after a Caesarian section.

Deyalsingh said results were received by the North West Regional Health Authority and other officials. This will be sent to the Chief Medical Officer and Women’s Health Director who will determine what steps if any, will be taken.

Also yesterday, Attorney General Faris Al- Rawi piloted legislation to extend time until December 31 for establishments which require licences, from cinemas and dance hall to money lenders and pawn brokers .

The extension will also extend to people who have to pay maintenance. Defaulters won’t be subject to arrest but a court summons instead