part of the stolen loot which police recovered during an exercise in Oropune

Police arrested four people and recovered several stolen items during an exercise conducted in Oropune Gardens.

A report said during the exercise, a sting operation was coordinated after surveillance was paid to a vehicle and the occupant for a period of time.

The car was intercepted at the Oropune gas station while the driver was allegedly in the process of conducting the sale of four orange and black racing shocks and one black cam-800 amplifier.

These items were reported stolen from a warehouse at Samford Road, Piarco, between April, 29, 2021 and May 8, 2021

The driver of the vehicle was arrested.

Police said they continued conducting enquiries which led to four houses being searched in Oropune. Three other suspects were arrested relative to the mentioned report of warehouse breaking at Samford Road, Piarco, and several stolen items were recovered.

At one of the locations officers also found several hardware items connected to a report of hardware breaking in Arima which occurred on last week Tuesday.

The exercise was coordinated by ACP Andy Belfon and enior Supt Renzey Ramdeen, supervised by Insp Pitt, Insp Highley and consisted of members of the NDTF Intel, Northern Division SIU, NDTF Central and

Arouca CID.