Water is precious. In an era of fast-paced living, reaching for a glass of water has often been intercepted by energy boosters and artificial sweeteners of a financially booming sugar beverage industry. As a severe pandemic lurks across the globe, beneficial nutrients and substances must be ingested to preserve overall health during periods of confinement. Water should be embraced with meritable gratitude owing to its substantially positive effects on the human body. This powerful revitaliser is responsible for calorie-burning processes, regulation of body temperature and kidney function, skin, hair and cell rejuvenation and reduces risks of joint disease.

What hassle-free measures can be taken to maintain sufficient water consumption? Here are 5 hacks to fulfil your daily 64-ounce goal:

1) Incorporate water into the most amazing parts of your daily routine.

Train yourself to match water with your everyday hobbies and modes of relaxation. After your morning walk, reading the newspaper or watching the afternoon sunset, a refreshing glass of water soothes mind and body. Dedicate a glass to each important meal, from breakfast to dinner, as this accounts for a definite three glasses out of the recommended tally.

2) Use an app!

A range of free, downloadable apps, such as Gulps, Hydro Coach and Aqualert, equipped with prompt reminders, offers a fun, interactive method of tracking individual H20 progress. Some apps require the entry of user-specific details such as age and body composition, thereby generating reliable, in-depth daily guidance and precise calculated readings regarding water intake. Empirical accuracy rather than personal estimation assures water-drinking success!

3) Indulge in water-rich foods.

Did you know that a myriad of fruits and vegetables possess a high water content? Cucumber, tomato, watermelon, lettuce and spinach, each containing over 90% water, are healthy culinary choices and unbeatable thirst quenchers on scorching days. So opt for that additional green salad with lunch, add tomatoes and spinach to wraps and feel revived with watermelon slices as a morning energy snack!

4) Set feasible targets.

Divide the seemingly insurmountable eight-glass-a-day requirement into smaller goals to prevent unnecessary anxiety. For instance, why not commit to a glass upon waking up, four by the post-lunch meeting, and the total eight by the evening news? Set times in accordance with your daily itinerary and overall H20 quota in mind. Utilise systematic reminders including digital alarms or colourful, handwritten notes to trounce the despairing hustle-and-bustle of your everyday reality.

5) Naturally garnish your water!

Hesitation to drink water due to its ‘mundane’ nature has typically been cited as a reason for neglecting intake. A little creativity erases this lack of love for water! A bank of organic additives, including non-artificial juices, fruit slices and herbs, generously loans taste and nutrient content. Cucumber and mint leaves in water enlighten the taste buds and throat to combat harsh, dry season conditions while freshly squeezed citrus juices, laden with minerals and antioxidants, provide luscious flavour. Dropping in slices of strawberry, watermelon and apples into a large pitcher of chilled water turns into a delectable, replenishing water sangria!