Student doing online classes via laptop.


The Government has allocated $50 Million for the purchase of laptops for needy students in the 2020/2021 Budget.

Finance Minister Colm Imbert made the announcement during his presentation of the budget, called “Resetting the Economy for Growth and Innovation” in the Parliament today.

“At the start of the new school term, we recognized that thousands of students did not have access to the internet or to computers to be able to take part in the new system of teaching,” Imbert said.

He said the Government tried to aid by removing taxes from computers, laptops and tablets several weeks ago.

He said the Government has also noted the donations of the private sector.

“To aid in this effort, we have provided the sum of $50 Million in this year’s budgetary allocation for computers for needy students,” he said.

He said the acquisition and distribution will be a joint effort between three Government Ministries.

“The Ministries of Education will identify the students,” he explained. “The Ministry of Public Administration and Digital Transformation to make sure we get value for money and provide proper specifications, and the Ministry of Social Development to ensure that those who really need these computers, get them.”