A total of 60 people were issued tickets for not wearing masks in seven of the nine police divisions earlier this week.

According to official statistics released by the Police Service , the tickets were issued between 6 am on Monday to 6 am on Tuesday.

The highest number of tickets issued took place within the Port-of-Spain Division totalling 29 and the second highest in the Southern Division totalling 16.

Nine were issued in the North Eastern Division; two in Central and Eastern Divisions and one each in the Northern and Western Divisions.

No one was arrested, however, in all of the nine police divisions for breaching of the COVID-19 regulations.

Reports were made of suspected breaches, however, by the time the police responded the gathering of people were already dispersed or the police were able to speak to the people and give warning to adhere to the regulations.

One of the reports of coming to the TTPS in the Northern Division was that some stores at Shopping Plaza in north Trinidad were still opening and that there were still large crowds gathering and no social distancing.

Police were also told that managers were allegedly still demanding workers to come out.

However, when police officers responded they met the mall closed with only security personnel on the compound.

In the Southern Division, police received a report that over 200 people were inside a supermarket in New Grant and there was no social distancing and some people not even wearing face mask.

But when the police got there they saw no large crowd, people seen wearing mask and adhering to COVID Regulations.