Sixty Venezuelans who were caught coming into Trinidad illegally over the past weekend are detained at the Cedros police station.

A source said some of the men are housed in the cells while the women are being housed upstairs.

Some of the Venezuelans have been handed over to the Immigration department.

A source said since the influx of Venezuelans at Chatham, Galfar and Cedros, an additional complement of Coast Guard officers have been sent to Cedros. The Ministry of National Security also deployed three additional vehicles but there has been no increase in the sea fleet.

During an interview with Guardian Media, Councillor Shankar Teelucksingh said most of the Coast Guardsmen have been doing patrols along the coast. However, he said there was a need to have more frequent sea patrols.

“The Coast Guard need to intercept these Venezuelans at sea and send them back. There are areas which are not accessible because there are no roads. This coastal strip from Galfar Beach to Chatham is not easily accessible on foot so the Ministry must also boost the patrols at sea,” Teelucksingh added.

During a press conference last week, Minister of National Security Stuart Young said long before COVID-19, the government took steps to safeguard T&T’s borders.

He said patrols have been stepped up.