Officers of the St. Margaret’s Police Station arrested and charged 60- year-old Alloy Turner early this morning for breach of curfew and robbery. He appeared before Magistrate Rajendra Rambachan at the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court today.
He pleaded guilty to both counts and was sentenced to six months’ hard labour for breach of curfew and 12 months’ hard labour for larceny. The sentences are to run concurrently.

According to police reports, around 3:10 am, officers on mobile patrol observed the suspect pushing a wheelbarrow with 30 clay blocks along the Southern Main Road, St. Margaret’s. The officers approached him and asked if he was aware of the curfew hours and if he had authorization to be outside.

He told officers he was aware and that he didn’t have authorization but that it was the only time for him to do what he was doing.Officers also asked where he got the blocks and he pointed to an open piece of land close by. He was asked if he was the owner or if he had permission to take them to which he indicated he did not but only took some.

He was arrested for breach of curfew. Officers continued investigations into the larceny and he was subsequently charged for both offences.