Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government Desdra Bascombe, pose for a selfie with Municipal Police Officers during the first Woman Police Recognition Ceremony at the Marabella South Secondary School, yesterday.

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More women are joining the ranks of the T&T Municipal Police Service (TTMS) says Local Government Minister Kazim Hosein.

He was speaking at the Municipal Police Service International Women’s Day celebrations held in Marabella yesterday.

More than 6,000 people have applied to join the TTMS, Hosein said, since Cabinet approved a proposal to increase the complement of officers to 100 officers across each Municipal Corporation and 200 in Port-of-Spain.

“From these applications, we have seen a recurring factor whereby a significantly greater number of females were applying to join the service as opposed to males. In fact, the current batch of trainees, Batch 2 of 2019, comprises of 115 trainees of which 89 are females. So you see, this is a clear indication that more and more women are driven to become police officers; dedicated to protecting and serving all,” he added.

Hosein said the women officers are always well-mannered and neatly attired.

“Their contributions to matters affecting their communities are always brought across with great compassion and they are known for going above and beyond the call of duty even during flooding, earthquakes and other disasters,” he said.

He noted that their “protective instinct adds an extra touch of humility that the Service requires on a day-to-day basis.”

Saying the TTMS required a lot of discipline, strength, hard work and diligence, Hosein said gender equality and empowerment of women should be high on the agenda.

“Our government through the national development strategy continues to develop and execute projects and programmes to ensure equality of opportunity and the reduction of gender-discriminatory practices. I am proud to be part of such initiative that empowers our women to be strong and independent,” he added.

During the function, awards were presented to retired officers of the Municipal Police Service.