Six friends, including a teenager, who butchered a cow and stole its legs have been slapped with a total of $60,000 in fines.

They were also ordered to pay the farmer compensation in the sum of $6,000 which was the value of the animal.

Stefan Abdual, Jason “Papaboy” Sajurlal, Vedish “Cyco Boy” Dwarika, Shiva Dwarika, Alan Sinanan, and their 16-year-old friend pleaded guilty to larceny cattle when they appeared via video conference before San Fernando Magistrate Anslem Leander.

The incident took place over the weekend.

Prosecutor Sgt Harold Ishmael said around 8 am on Saturday Alex Mahabal secured his black cow at M2 Ring Road, Ste Madeleine and went away.

When he returned the following morning, he found the mutilated body of his cow.

The animal’s legs were missing.

Following a report at the Ste Madeleine Police Station, WPC Allum conducted inquires which led to the arrest of the six accused. When cautioned they each admitted to the police the role they played in the crime.

Abdual said he took one of the legs and put it in a friend’s deep freeze while Sajurlal said he watched while Sinanan killed the cow. Vedish Dwarika claimed he chopped the cow twice while Shiva Dwarika claimed he only carried the meat.

Sinanan admitted that he chopped the cow in the neck and killed it while his friends helped him cut it up.

The teenager said he just went along with his friends.

They were each ordered to pay a $10,000 fine in four months or serve three years hard labour.

The men were also ordered to pay $1,000 each in compensation to the farmer.

They were allowed two weeks to pay that money or serve six weeks simple imprisonment.