The firearm, ammunition and narcotics seized in Central Division on Thursday September 23rd. (Image courtesy TTPS)

Seven suspects currently are detained by police following the execution of several warrants in Chaguanas yesterday.

The intelligence-led exercise which started at 10 am and lasted just over five hours on September 23rd ended with police seizing one Smith and Wesson .38 Special Revolver, seven rounds of .38 ammunition, 213 grammes of marijuana and 137.3 grammes of cocaine.

And the Police Service is encouraging the public to continue providing information on illegal firearms as seeks to achieve its target of removing 1,000 more firearms off the streets by year’s end.

Thursday’s police operation included personnel from the Central Division Task Force Area North, Chaguanas Criminal Investigations Department, Chaguanas Police Station Foot Patrol, and the Canine Units.

The following persons were arrested in connection with the illegal weapons and drugs seized:

■   A 42-year-old woman, of Chaguanas, for possession of a firearm and ammunition;

■   A 30-year-old man, and a 43-year-old woman, both of Chaguanas for possession of 213 grammes of marijuana;

■   A 30-year-old man, and 33-year-old woman both of Carapachaima, for possession of 136 grammes of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking;

■   A 31-year-old woman, of Chaguanas, for possession of one gramme of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking; and;

■   A 37-year-old man, of Maraval, on robbery enquires.