Update courtesy the TTPS.

The TTPS continues to urge citizens to adhere to the Emergency Powers and Public Health Regulations and welcomes information on possible breaches.

Seven more people have been arrested over the past 24 hours for breaching the curfew stipulated under the current Emergency Powers Regulations, according to the latest COVID-19 operations update from the Police Service.

The Police Service says this latest group of seven arrested persons has moved the total number of arrests for this offence to 510 persons, since the State of Emergency was activated in May.

In its report, the TTPS also notes that another 65 persons were issued tickets for failing to wear their face mask properly (or at all), moving the total number of tickets issued under this regulation to 11,857.

Just one person was arrested over the last 24 hours for breach of the Public Health Regulations, moving the total number of arrests for this offence to 995—dangerously close to the 1,000-man mark.

The arrests would have been the outcomes of multiple patrols and other operations the Police Service carried out across the country over the past 24 hours—some 441 patrols and 79 roadblocks in all, during that period.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take a heavy toll on the TTPS. 

Some 289 police officers currently are reported as having tested positive for COVID-19.  The number of police officers in quarantine at present has dropped somewhat, with the total number now at 875.