The zero-tolerance policy on all littering adopted by the Port-of-Spain City Police has led to three persons being charged with the offence over the past two days, with one of them caught red-handed.

As such, the City Police is encouraging citizens to utilise public bins provided throughout the City to discard properly of their garbage and waste.

And they are warning burgesses against littering in the capital, or else they will face the consequences.

Officers of the Port-of-Spain City Police who were on mobile patrol along Park Street yesterday (Thursday 21 January 2021), arrested a 71-year-old man who was caught in the act of littering. The man was seen tossing a Styrofoam cup into a drain.

And on January 20th, two men also were arrested and charged for littering during a law enforcement exercise along Charlotte Street, Port-of-Spain.

All three persons were granted station bail in the amount of $500.

They were charged under Section Three of the Litter Act, Chapter 30:52 and will appear before a Port-of-Spain Magistrate on March 22nd, 2021.

The City Police is reminding citizens that the Litter Act states:

“Any person who commits an offence may be taken into custody without warrant by any constable or by any litter prevention warden, or by any person whom such warden may call to his aid and conveyed to the nearest police station and there detained in the custody of the police to be dealt with according to law.”