Nine Venezuelan illegal immigrants were each fined $10,000 or six weeks simple imprisonment. They were given three months to pay when they appeared before Magistrate Nizam Khan at the Siparia Magistrates’ Court yesterday. One of the nine who was also charged with two counts of aiding and abetting was fined an additional $7,000.

According to police reports, around 5.30 pm on May 14th, due to information received, the South Western Division Task Force went to Sobo Village, Palo Seco, in the vicinity of the beachfront. A search was made of an abandoned concrete structure where 14 persons were found; five males, five females and four minors.

All of the persons spoke Spanish and were carrying multiple bags and were without documents. All 14 were detained, then medically examined at the Siparia Health Facility, they were then conveyed to the Cast Guard Base at the Heliport in Chaguaramas.