Police officers stop a motorist in Princes Town during the curfew on Monday night.

Eighteen people were arrested on day 4 of the State of Emergency (SoE) for breach of curfew.

Meanwhile, according to statistics released by the T&T Police Service (TTPS) 84 face mask tickets were issued bringing the total count of tickets issued to date to 10,688.

According to the police’s latest statistics, there was a drastic reduction not only in people being arrested for curfew breaches but also in the police divisions. No one was arrested in four of the nine police divisions —Northern, Western, North Eastern and Central.

Four people were arrested in the Tobago Division; three in Eastern and one in Port-of-Spain.

Day three of the SoE recorded the highest number of arrests for curfew breaches with 50, while day one recorded the lowest number of arrests with six. There were 19 arrests on the second day of the SoE.

In four days of the SoE a total of 93 people were arrested throughout the nine police divisions.

Meanwhile, a teenager who was among a group of men liming in Point Fortin during curfew was reportedly tasered and arrested by the police on Wednesday night.

Police said officers were on patrol around 9.30 pm when they saw a group of men gathered along the road at Techier Village, Point Fortin. When they noticed the approaching police vehicle, the men ran off in different directions with one man running towards one of the officers. According to a police report, the officer shouted to him to stop.

When the man persisted, an officer discharged a cartridge from his spark electronic controlled weapon at the person who turned out to be a 16-year-old youth from the village. The teenager was taken to the Area Hospital Point Fortin where he was attended to and discharged. He was then charged by PC Ferdinand breaching the curfew and granted bail.

And Ajesh Chulhan, 42, of Siparia, was charged after he stopped by police around 9.50 pm Wednesday. He told officers he was on his way home after visiting his friend.

He was about half a mile away from his home. But, his excuse did not sit well with Siparia Magistrate Aden Stroude who sentenced him to two months simple imprisonment.

Police said Chulhan had a long criminal record.

The charge was laid by PC Rooplal.