After a few hours as a social media star and leading zookeepers on a chase, a white-fronted capuchin monkey was caught and taken to the Emperor Valley Zoo.

On Friday, staff from the Emperor Valley Zoo were at the Foreign Affairs Building in St Clair trying to capture the monkey which was reportedly released outside of the zoo Thursday night.

The monkey was seen scaling the wall of the Foreign Affairs building before settling on the top of the roof.

Food was used to lure the monkey down.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs building previously housed the Ministry of Agriculture and is a stone’s throw from the zoo.

At first, it was thought that the monkey escaped from the zoo but the zoo’s curator Nirmal Biptah said all of the zoo’s animals had been accounted for.

Biptah said since the increase in fines for people illegally owning monkeys people have been releasing them carelessly all over the country.

He said when on Thursday night someone tried to drop one off at the zoo, it was closed at the time.

“The security guard was not in a position to take it (the monkey) and no one was around and so the person who brought the monkey just released it and left,” Biptah said.

Biptah said this is not the first time something like this has been done as people sometimes bring birds and also fishes in buckets and left them at the zoo’s entrance.

Biptah said if anyone has an issue with any wild animal they can call the zoo’s hotline at 800-4ZOO.