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Abode, an exhibition by self-taught artist Gabrielle Hutton, opened this week at Arnim’s Art Gallery, 27, Tragarete Road, New Town, Port of Spain. Exhibition hours are from 8 am to 4 pm until August 7.

Hutton, a teacher, works with a combination of watercolours, pen and ink to create her highly detailed pieces. She sees a lot of beauty in things that are aged and is inspired by character and personality—the smallest detail—particular in old homes across the country.

“My work evokes feelings of familiarity and comfort of home. Clothes on the line wafting in the Caribbean breeze, pothounds taking a nap on the front stairs, children walking home from school, the old latticework, jalousies, wooden Victorian accents, vintage details . . . the weakening, drooping roof are just some of the Trini things depicted in my pieces,” Hutton explained.

“These timeworn dwellings feature incredible details with the sole purpose to be beautiful for the viewer. This gives each home its own vibe and personality, and I work with a variety of mediums—graphite, acrylic, oil and watercolour.”

Hutton said she has always had a love for drawing and painting and gets a lot of support, respect and encouragement from her family and friends. She currently divides her time teaching art at St. Andrew’s Private School in Maraval, painting at home and, with her husband, caring for animals in need.

“My love for animals and art can be seen in my pieces, which often includes a Trini terrier or wandering street cat. Not only is my home a space to bring my pieces to life, but it’s also an animal foster-care space where unwanted animals get a fighting chance to enjoy life,” she said.

To reach Hutton, view collection online or for further information, direct message to the following: Instagram @gabbyjuneoriginals; Facebook – Gabrielle Hutton, or call 622-9139, 752-4504, or 714-4550.