Reon Rogers

Sascha Wilson

Police said an abusive relationship ended after 31-year-old Reon Rogers was killed by a female relative during an altercation.

The woman, police said, locked the apartment with Rogers’ lying unconscious on the floor yesterday and left.

Later in the day, around 9 am, a woman walked into the office of San Fernando Homicide and gave police information.

Police said they were told that Rogers was strangled during the fight.

Investigators said a suspect took them to Rogers’ apartment at Building C, Orchid Gardens, Pleasantville.

Rogers’ body was found in a foetal position, covered with a sheet, on the floor of the bedroom.

Police said a woman reported that sometime between Wednesday night and yesterday morning she and Rogers they were drinking alcohol and began arguing over infidelity.

She claimed Rogers then attacked her when she went to take a bath. He was holding a hammer and cuffed and kicked her, she also claimed.

The woman said she ran into the kitchen where she grabbed a knife and launched at him several times.

Police also said they were told that fell on the ground when his groin was squeezed. He was then choked, they said.

A woman later took police to the apartment. When they arrived she unlocked the door and the officers saw Rogers’ body on the floor.

Police took possession of a knife and hammer.

Admitting that family members knew about the domestic violence, Rogers’ sister, Dana she did not think that it would have resulted in death.

“They had an abusive relationship, both of them use to fight each other.”

A resident said many times they intervened in the fights which often left Rogers and the woman with injuries, including scrapes, bruises and bite marks.

Dana said she spoke to her brother about the abuse.

She advised people in abusive relationships to go their separate ways.

An autopsy has to be done at the Forensic Science Centre to determine how he died.

The woman is assisting the police with their investigations.