Chairman of the Caribbean Community Against Sex Crimes Johnathan Bhagan is proposing bringing technology to Trinidad and Tobago that can track the social media usage of registered sex offenders.

In an interview on CNC3’s the Morning Brew yesterday, Bhagan said he signed an agreement with an international company that provides similar services to US law enforcement.

“In 2020, I signed a partnership agreement with the software company, Offender Watch, they are the ones who provide software to the FBI and the US Marshals, most of the police agencies in the US and in Canada,” Bhagan said.

Bhagan said the software provided by the company can monitor the cell phone usage of registered sex offenders.

“Part of this partnership is that they can monitor sex offenders on the internet and on social media, when they try to call a child’s cellphone, or if a child’s GPS in their cellphone goes close to a sex offenders residence.”

He said he has written a legal opinion to Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi on how existing legislation can be amended to allow the use of the software. He sent out a call to Al-Rawi and Police Commissioner Gary Griffith to support this initiative to bring the software to T&T.

Guardian Media tried reaching Al-Rawi but he did not respond to calls to his cellphone.

Meanwhile, Police Commissioner Gary Griffith sent out a note of caution to those who are interested in assisting in reducing crime levels.

“My disappointment is that many people who would like to try to get involved in reducing crime, they go about it the wrong way. Exactly what he is speaking about, that was being done, that is trying to get the type of technology, there is a certain degree of confidentiality that one will do when you have covert operations to try to pinpoint perpetrators,” Griffith said.

However, he said he has instructed officers of the TTPS’ Cyber Crime Unit and the Child Protection Unit to meet with Bhagan to discuss his proposal.