Claudia De La Cruz is the Executive Director of The People's Forum in New York

Minorities will bear the brunt of Wednesday’s breach of the Capitol Building by Trump supporters.

That is the opinion of a career civil organiser based in the United States. She said it is unthinkable that that a mob was able to force its way into one of the most secure buildings in the world without the complicity of security forces.

Claudia De La Cruz is the Executive Director of The People’s Forum in New York. It is an NGO that offers training in social action. She has a 20-year career in activism and has participated in protests in Washington D.C. where Wednesday’s protests took place.

She said she is very concerned that despite yesterday’s actions being led by white supremacists groups and QAnon conspiracy theorists, the ones to bear the brunt for that action will be the “folks organising around conditions of poverty, racism, access to housing and healthcare.”

De La Cruz said, “it is completely incomprehensible that anyone could believe that one of the most secured buildings in the United States was not prepared or was caught off-guard by what happened yesterday.”

There were videos circulating on social media of Capitol Hill security forces posing for photos with the people who breached the area.

De La Cruz believes law enforcement was culpable.

“If the acts of yesterday (Wednesday) would have really been led by black, brown and indigenous people. By the most marginalised, you better believe that there wouldn’t only be four deaths or 64 arrests,” she said. “We would have had a massacre on the steps of Capitol Hill.”

She also criticised the media for calling them protesters or demonstrators saying it sends the wrong message.

She said they are actively working towards a white nationalist agenda and should be identified as such at every opportunity.