Trinidad and Tobago will be under another Adverse Weather Alert (Yellow Level) from 5:00 AM tomorrow through 6:00 PM Saturday 8th May 2021. However, this Adverse Weather Alert from the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service is not like the others we have seen for 2021 to date. While the confidence is at a “possible” level, meaning two out of four on their certainty scale, the TTMS calls for severe impacts.

According to the Met Office, “There is a 60% chance of heavy showers, isolated thunderstorms, and associated gusty winds (on Saturday 8th May 2021), associated with the passage of a low-level trough. Street and localized flooding in low lying areas, landslips and damaging windsAdverse Weather Alert Issued For T&T gusting in excess of 75 KM/H can accompany heavy showers and thunderstorms.”

With severe impacts possible, the public should be aware of the hazards in your area associated with gusty winds greater than tropical-storm-force strength, street and flash flooding as well as landslides.

For a severe Adverse Weather Alert, there is the potential for a loss of a single life or serious injuries. Physical defences such as sandbags are needed, and there may be major losses in confined areas. Income earning may be impossible for several days, with several communities affected needing external help.

The Met Office is advising the public to secure loose items and livestock, taking all necessary precautions. In addition, the public should monitor weather conditions and updates from official sources.

The current forecast for Trinidad and Tobago through Friday afternoon from the TTMS calls for “Partly cloudy to cloudy and breezy at times with occasional showers. There is also a 40% (medium) chance of isolated thunderstorm activity, favouring southern areas of Trinidad. Tonight will be partly cloudy with lingering showers over few areas. Gusty winds, street and/or flash flooding may occur in areas under heavy showers/thunderstorms.”

Reporter: Kalain Hosein