Attorney General and Member of Parliament for San Fernando West, Faris Al-Rawi MP.

Government’s Evidence Amendment bill will allow for footage from CCTV cameras to be used as evidence since people are afraid to give evidence.

Attorney General Faris Al- Rawi indicated this in the Senate while piloting the bill.

It had failed before as a bill which needed Opposition support for passage. It has been redrafted to remove the requirement for special majority votes and only requires a simple majority – only Government votes- to be passed.

Al- Rawi said the bill protects the rights of people involved in trials.

It also deals with filing and safety of evidence and covers areas to protect vulnerable children who may be witnesses. That will include children who are afraid or immature, have suffered from trauma, or sexual violence.

On another issue, Works Minister Rohan Sinanan detailed compensation for owners of property acquired for construction of the Curepe Interchange.

Four application processes were made and two sets were paid. Fifteen other owners requested an 80 per cent advance payment which was available.

Eight owners applied for State land, price of which would be deducted from their final payment.

No payment was made on the Kay Donna ownership. That’s being handled by the Commissioner of State lands.

Three people lacked title to certify ownership of the land they made claims on. Sinanan added KFC and Pizza Hut didn’t own the land (near the Interchange where they’re located) but owners of the land would have made a claim.