Attorney General Fari Al-Rawi speaks with police commissioner Gary Griffith during a high level meeting at the Ministry of Works at Richmond and London Street, Port-of-Spain yesterday.

“They lied. It is a blatant nasty lie.”

Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi yesterday said he was set up by unscrupulous politicians as he accused several people from the United National Congress (UNC) of engaging in cyber-crime.

He claimed they fabricated a video to make it appear that he had made insensitive and derogatory comments relating to the public support following the kidnapping and murder of Andrea Bharatt.

Appealing to the UNC’s leader Kamla Persad Bissessar’s maternal instincts, he urged her to caution her members.

Replaying the recording of what was said in the Parliament last week, Al-Rawi said he was saying to “Kamla Persad Bissessar, Khadijah Ameen and Saddam Hosein that there is no need for you to have crocodile tears and go on a pavement when you should turn up in the Parliament and vote for the same thing you approved.”

The AG has been heavily criticised on social media for his supposed lack of empathy and sympathy, as well as alleged remarks which appeared to dismiss the hurt, pain and grief the families of kidnapped, missing and deceased persons were reliving following Bharatt’s death.

Apologising for the emotional distress a particular social media user would have endured yet again as a result, he said, “I am so sorry she had to be a victim again.”

Seeking to underscore just how disappointed he was with former AG Anand Ramlogan, Al-Rawi said he and his team would appear in court today to argue for the striking down of no bail for murder.

Al-Rawi said, “Whilst we in this country are fighting for bail amendments to lock people up under judicial considerations, the UNC’s Chief Advocate and past AG, Anand Ramlogan will be in the court tomorrow (Feb 10) attempting to strike out and cause modifications so there is no denial of bail for people on a charge for murder.”

Written test of AG’s statement

“The Witness Anonymity Orders which gives witnesses a fighting chance, so their lives can be preserved, so they can turn up into court and give evidence and not have trials limping along or having accused walk free as they must when cases are discharged cause witnesses don’t turn up…the fighting chance to preserve lives of witnesses by the use of Witness Anonymous Orders approved by the MP for Siparia when PM fell into odium and disgrace under the hand of Senator Saddam Hosein. What is different between 2013 policy approved under the MP for Siparia and the law, which we as a county have to now fight…it is all well and good to pick up a candle and hold a vigil when we each have an opportunity as in this house today we do, to take our perspective roles seriously….stop playing games. No need to hold a candle on a pavement, crying for a citizen of this country…a child murdered…when you can turn up in the Parliament and be consistent with your policy to reform the laws of T&T.”