A man takes a photograph of a bullet hole in a window at the Ministry of Legal Affairs, Richmond Street, Port-of-Spain, yesterday.

The bullet which pierced the third floor of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs’ building, “landed” when third-floor staff was all present but it may have been aimed at an office higher up in the building.

Guardian Media’s checks ascertained the details yesterday after National Security Minister Stuart Young spoke about bullets fired at Government and PNM offices.

Young spoke about the matters at yesterday’s briefing on the riots which hit North Trinidad and parts of South.

Attorney General Faris Al Rawi, speaking about the bullet which hit the AG’s office building said, “The Police Commissioner has made me aware that a lot of people are very concerned to derail the work I’m doing—but I will not be deterred.”

“T&T will stand strong. We have an excellent police service and National Security Ministry,” he added on yesterday’s riots which took place in areas from Arima to Carenage and Maracas/La Cuevas and also in southern Corinth Hills.

Al Rawi confirmed shots were fired at the Ministry building. But he remained at the office yesterday, continuing to work.

“The bullet pierced the glass pane on the eastern side of the building, on the third-floor office. It was near a cubicle,” Al Rawi added.

“Yes, full staff was present at the time. Thankfully no one was injured. Staff members were obviously shaken but they’ve demonstrated great resolve.”

“I’ve spoken with members of the police who came to the scene. The Police Commissioner and National Security Ministry are treating all other matters very aggressively.’’

Police forensics and footage investigations are on. Examinations of how the bullet hit that level of the building determined it could have been aimed at higher offices, but the missile apparently curved back down, hitting the third-floor pane.

“It’s not the first time I’ve been the subject of such issues,” Al Rawi added, noting statements eight months ago by the Prime Minister and Police Commissioner.

In October 2019, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley (National Security Council chairman) had revealed there was information on a recent plot to murder Al-Rawi.

At the time Al Rawi confirmed law enforcement agencies had uncovered and had been dealing with death threats against him. Police Commissioner Gary Griffith at that time also said he’d received “a few months ago”, the report of the threat.