With the removal of taxes from laptops to reduce the cost do we really think that this will take place? Believe me “seeing is believing” a basic laptop is still being sold at $6,000 and climbing into the range of $9,000.

Can the single mother with two children working for a salary for $3,500 with rent to pay afford to purchase two laptops in this guava season?

I know of a mother who has to purchase five laptops for her children, with no support this is telling it as it is.

What is even worse you can get laptops on hire purchase, just do the calculation what you will have paid when you finally make that last payment and you are so glad for doing so.

Sellers are seeing an opportunity because of the great need and as normal human beings will take advantage of it is that not the system we live in.

T&T is no different from the rest of the world.

So while I am glad that taxes were removed from the laptop there is no guarantee that it will reach the consumer “Poverty is Hell” according to the late Mighty Shadow.

San Juan