Tracy Davidson-Celestine, Political Leader of the PNM Tobago Council during the party’s council meeting in Canaan recently.

Issues of corruption, mismanagement of state resources, the United National Congress(UNC) involvement in the elections, and airport expansion are some of the matters discussed on the campaign trail in the lead up to the Tobago Hosue of Assembly’s (THA) January 25 elections.

In the latest round of political salvo, the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) alleges dishonesty by the People’s National Movement (PNM) officials regarding what has become known as the “zipline project.”

Out of the corruption allegations arose the mismanagement of the island’s resources.

The PDP has held tightly to the allegations telling Tobagonians Davidson -Celestine and the PNM have wasted the island’s “$40 billion allocations, form the Central Government for the past 20 years. The PNM has controlled the island’s resources since January 2001.

Dubbing her “Tricky Tracy,” the PDP said she mismanaged the island’s funds before and should not be trusted with more.

In reply, the PNM is calling out “Foolish Farley.”

They said he is silly to think the PDP’s leader Watson Duke will allow him to become Chief Secretary if the party wins the elections. Since 2019, the PDP told supporters Farley would run the party’s campaign and become the chief secretary should the party win the elections.

The PNM raised the issue about the PDP’s UNC connection.

The claim first appeared during the campaign for the August 10, 2020, general elections.

Davidson -Celestine began making fresh claims about the relationship on the campaign trail.

On Sunday posters with pictures of the UNC’s leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar and Duke adorned poles in Scarborough.

A similar situation occurred in 2020.

Another topic discussed to a lesser degree on the hustling is the ANR Airport expansion project. The PNM said the project will develop Tobago’s economy, and the discomfort some residents experience by their relocation is necessary as the project is for the future generation.