Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne during a live Facebook broadcast from the Caura Hospital moments after he was discharged.


Television personality Ian Alleyne has been discharged from hospital after recovering from COVID-19.

According to sources close to Alleyne, he was released from the Caura Hospital yesterday afternoon, after being informed that he had tested negative for the virus, twice over the past few days.

Alleyne’s release came almost immediately after the attorney Gerald Ramdeen wrote to Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Roshan Parasram requesting information on why his client remained in quarantine even after qualifying for discharge, based on criteria set by the Ministry of Health.

According to reports, Alleyne requested a test at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope on March 23 after suffering from “mild flu-like” symptoms upon returning from a short family vacation in Miami, Florida, one week earlier.

In a series of videos posted on social media before he was taken away by public health officials for treatment, Alleyne revealed that he had contracted the virus and admitted that he had not self-quarantined or practised social distancing since his return to the country, as repeatedly advised by the ministry.

Alleyne’s revelation caused panic especially amongst his staff and media colleagues, who would have interacted with him before being informed that he had tested positive.

As the Ministry of Health has maintained its position not to reveal even the most minor details of COVID-19 patients, based on its patient confidentiality policy, it is unclear if any new positive cases were contacted traced to Alleyne.

In his letter, which threatened legal action which has now essentially been rendered academic based on Alleyne’s subsequent release, Ramdeen claimed that after his client’s initial diagnosis, he was tested again on March 19 but was informed that the test was compromised.

Another test was administered on April 9 and returned positive.

“My client requested to have sight of the test results and was informed that the results were always oral,” Ramdeen said.

Alleyne received two successive negative results when he was tested again between Saturday and Monday.