A duo during one of the dances, RESET.

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The Alpha Dance Production team patted themselves at the staggering ticket sales when they recently hosted RESET, the production despite space restrictions.

Spreading love, the finale spoke of the love that they felt from the audience and danced tantamount to feel the emotional joy of music by Freetown Collective that added to the Caribbean vibe.

Artistic director of the company Beverley-Ann Ottley said it was gratifying that so many tuned into the presentation that aimed at how society now has to adjust to the new normal while living with the COVID 19 pandemic.

Choreography to three previous dance pieces, originally done at the Naparima Bowl, San Fernando, where each year the group would usually have a show and some done via online teaching was all packed into an hour and fifteen minutes production.

Ottley said: “The production was a success based on the audience’s feedback. The dance company was overwhelmed by the number of tickets that was purchased. Over 120 persons purchased tickets to support the cause. The virtual teaching was challenging because of the limited spaces that the students used at their homes, which restricted movement that a full dance studio would allow.

“Additionally, instructions from a dance teacher regarding the direction, that the movement is to take, as well as the particular arm or leg to be used, were also challenging to follow as sometimes the teacher’s camera settings were mirrored to the students’ cameras mirror.”

Ottley noted some students found some difficulty to apply the teachings and use of the movement, and similarly, some veered off in different directions. She said being the committed dancers as they are they managed to fine-tune the adjustments quickly.

The show’s content which was featured live via Zoom focus’ on the total person having to reset the mind, emotions, bodies, and physical spaces, to retain their talent by revisiting, encouraging, sourcing guidance, evaluating, and teaming up for the common good of humanity supportive to each other.