L to R – Takiyah Mc David, KIND Programme Officer; Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, Minister of Education; Tiffany George, Senior Brand Manager, AMCO; and Kashaya Stewart, Helping Her Foundation representative, during a short handover ceremony at the Ministry of Education, Port of Spain, to launch the 2022 Always® #EndPeriodPoverty campaign. To get involved, consumers can purchase any Always® product between April 1st and June 30th to trigger a donation. (Image courtesy AMCO)

For the fourth consecutive year, Always® will continue its outreach efforts by providing thousands of girls across Trinidad and Tobago with improved access to sanitary pads to help meet their monthly needs. 

Always® says in 2022, the aim is to donate over 160,000 sanitary pads to seven secondary schools in Trinidad and Tobago: Coryal Secondary, Morvant Laventille Secondary, Matura Secondary, Penal Secondary, Palo Seco Secondary, Guayguayare Secondary and Speyside Secondary.

“The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated conditions like unemployment and high food prices,” Always® notes in a release.  “As a result, period products are usually not at the top of the priority list in many households.”

Always® adds: “For teenage girls especially, not having period protection can affect her mental well-being, thus impacting school attendance, academic results and social activities like sports and clubs. In some instances, many girls end up missing up to one year of school throughout their school life, which limits their potential to excel far beyond puberty.”

The Always #EndPeriodPoverty campaign was officially launched on April 1st and will run through to 30th June 2022.

“During this time, consumers will have the opportunity to get involved with the initiative. Every Always purchase triggers a donation, for every pack of Always pads purchased, Always® will in turn directly donate to a girl in need,” the company explained.

NGO Kids in Need of Direction (KIND) will once again partner with Always® to assist with the distribution of the 160,000 plus pads, along with the assistance of the Helping Her Foundation.  Both NGOs—KIND and Helping Her Foundation—have been consistently raising awareness on the issue of period poverty and have executed multiple outreach programmes to communities and females in need. The NGOs will assist in ensuring the donation of Always pads are distributed to the young girls at the schools.

As part of the campaign, a host of social media influencers will be engaged to help increase awareness, educate and advocate for the needs of girls and women facing period poverty, Always® says. Some of this year’s influencers are Anasha Tewari-Bridgelal, Leah Herbert, Megan Mohammed, Shenilee Hazell, Thema Williams, Whitney Husbands and Keevan Lewis.

Business Unit Head for Procter and Gamble at Alston’s Marketing Company (AMCO), Reshma Geawan, underscored the importance of the initiative.

“Period poverty affects millions of girls who are held back and even endangered by not being able to access menstrual care products,” she pointed out.  

“It is distressing to know that some girls have to turn to unsafe alternatives like toilet paper, rags, and newspaper to manage their periods, and then end up missing out on school and classes. Lack of access to period products should never stand in the way of a girl and her education,” the AMCO executive stated.

Reshma Geawan reiterated Always® commitment to the cause.

“Always® remains committed to ensuring that all girls are able to confidently go to school. We will continue to take action to help #EndPeriodPoverty,” she pledged.

“Together, let’s dismantle the stigma around menstruation and help our girls realise their full potential,” she urged.