Nirad Tewarie

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“We will not sit by and hope for diversification ‘to happen’. We will not sit by and hope for investment to come into T&T. We will work hard, and we will work tirelessly to make these a reality.”

This was the statement made by Chief Executive Officer of the America Chamber of Commerce T&T Nirad Tewarie yesterday as he delivered the opening remarks in for the virtual conference launch for the Tech Hub Islands Summit (t.h.i.s.).

“Along the way, we might stumble, but we will get back up. We will hold the hands of our partners as we hope they will hold ours. We will find the innovators. We will enable them. And one day soon, we will be able to say that t.h.i.s happened. T.h.i.s is T&T—a global technology hub,” Tewarie said.

This year is the third edition of t.h.i.s.

In 2019, when t.h.i.s. was launched it exceeded expectations with more than 300 people attending, Tewarie said.

“At the time we thought we were catalysing the digital transformation discussion, but little did we know the discussion would be catalysed even further and faster by the events of 2020,” he said.

Tewarie said AMCHAM T&T will be the catalyst for making this country a global tech hub.

“We will forge the partnerships to enable us to achieve this goal and we will work tirelessly, creatively, and methodically to make this goal a reality,” he said.

Tewarie argued the journey would be easier if both the private and public sectors were transforming together.

“So, we welcome the work being done at the Government level, in particular through the Ministry of Public Administration and Digital Transformation and through agencies such as the TTIFC and iGovTT,” he said.

The theme for this year’s event is “Now and Beyond.”

“At this year’s Conference, the story we are telling is not about becoming complacent with what seems to work now. Instead, we must consistently and constantly look ahead so that we are always chasing our dreams, while those dreams hurtle us to a brighter future,” he said.