St Augustine MP Khadijah Ameen

St Augustine MP Khadijah Ameen has adamantly denied allegations which she said were circulating from social media blogger Rhoda Bharath’s Newsauce page which stated that Ameen played a role in procuring fake vaccination cards for her constituency staff.

The MP is now said to be speaking with her attorneys about the allegations.

In a statement issued yesterday, Ameen said, “Ms Bharath is a PNM paid blogger who is clearly in the business of spreading total and complete lies.”

Ameen added, “the blogger has made very serious allegations of a criminal offence without a shred of evidence.”

According to the statement, Ameen indicated that “she was aware that forging and receiving fake vaccination cards was a serious offence with imprisonment for up to seven years based on the Forgery Act Chapter 11:13 Section 5(3)(i) and (4) and she staunchly disputes any allegation that she has ever been, is currently involved in or has knowledge of such activities either at her Constituency office or otherwise.”

The statement added, Ameen also said, “vaccination is not a requirement for employment at her office unlike in the public service where thousands are being threatened with job loss in the government’s vaccine mandate that it labels a “Quasi safe zone policy.”

MP Ameen reiterated that there was no requirement for any member of staff or constituent to provide a vaccination card to access the Office of the MP for St Augustine.”

Ameen also said she had been publicly open in supporting and encouraging people to follow COVID-19 protocols and had not only enforced these protocols in her constituency office but also in her regularly scheduled field visits, social outreaches, community meetings and walkabouts in the constituency.

Ameen said she was consulting with her attorneys and would take the necessary legal action for what she described as “these libellous and baseless statements.”

Rhoda Bharath’s Newsauce page issued an open letter asking Ameen to clear the air on the allegations that she played a role in obtaining fake vaccination cards for her constituency staff.