Seventh-Day Adventist Church Camp, Balandra

Another person who was quarantined at Camp Balandra has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

Guardian Media was told the latest patient is a woman in her 20’s, who had been isolated from the other 27 people in quarantine at the facility for the past several days. She has been transferred to the Couva Hospital for treatment.

The group of 28 were part of a larger group of 68 people who were quarantined at Camp Balandra on March 17 after being brought into the country on a chartered flight. They were all on a cruise aboard the Costa Favolosa when the vessel was denied entry to Martinique after passengers onboard tested positive for the virus.

On March 21, 40 members of the group tested positive for COVID-19 and were transferred to the Couva Hospital for treatment.

The 14-day quarantine period for the remaining 28 was restarted and with this latest case, one of the group said the quarantine has been restarted again.

According to a release from the Ministry of Health around 10.30 am on Thursday, there were 61 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in T&T. The ministry said 44 of those were passengers of Costa Favolosa. On March 25, a MOH release stated the 60th confirmed case was a passenger of Costa Favolosa.

In an interview with one of the remaining 27 people at Camp Balandra, Guardian Media was told that the latest person to test positive was only confirmed on Wednesday night so it is unclear at this time whether that person is patient #60.

There has been one death so far from the virus in T&T.