Morne Roche residents blocked the road again today in a fiery protest, to highlight the poor road conditions in the area. (Image by RISHI RAGOONATH)

A third fiery protest this morning, as Gasparillo residents call for urgent repairs to the main road at Morne Roche.  Both the Fire Service and Police were on the scene.

Blocking the road with burning tires, the residents said they will not back down until repairs commence.

“This road affecting us because we cannot pass on this road. Is wear and tear on your vehicle. The drivers raising their price and we can’t vex with them because they need to fix their vehicle,” a protester complained.

“If our Prime Minister was passing on this road, this road would have been fixed. They does only fix the road that the Prime Minister does see. Is time they do something for the people and is only poor people suffering because of this right now,” the resident lamented.

A tender from the Fire Service at the scene of the fiery protest in Morne Roche, Gasparillo, on Friday 11 February 2022. (Image by RISHI RAGOONATH)

Morne Roche residents complained that the road has not been repaired for decades. They took similar protest action on Monday and Wednesday. 

In response to Wednesday’s protest, the Ministry of Works and Transport stated that sectional road rehabilitation work on the road was identified as a priority project for this year and the project is at the developmental stage.

The Ministry also noted that while it grapples with several challenges which affect its ability to meet the immediate demands of the general public for road rehabilitation, the Highways Division will continue its programme of work based on available resources and finances.