Days after a large cache of guns and ammunition were found at the Bond in the Piarco International Airport, police officers—in an intelligence-led operation—have uncovered another large cache of guns and ammunition in a warehouse in Central Trinidad.

The find was made on Sunday night.

According to a police report, at about 9 pm, intelligence was received by the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) concerning a package (cargo) containing household appliances—a washer and a dryer which had been imported into Trinidad—along with the alleged identity of the consignee.

The information suggested that this shipment was housed at Medway Ltd, a customs warehouse situated off the Southern Main Road in McBean, Couva, and that the items had entered the country sometime around the end of February.

On April 7th, the alleged consignee reportedly appeared at the warehouse location to take delivery of the items, but before the cargo was brought out for examination prior to delivery, he is said to have left the warehouse without explanation.  To date, he has not returned.

The items were subsequently returned to storage.

The SIU, acting on additional intelligence and in collaboration with the Central Gang Intelligence Team and in conjunction with the Customs and Excise Division, commenced an operation to identify the items contained in the package.

On Monday at about 7 am, personnel from the SIU proceeded to the Medway Warehouse where the package was retrieved, and an examination of its contents conducted.

Guardian Media understands the following items were discovered to have been concealed in both items:

1. 200 rounds of 7.62mm wolf performance brand.

2. 150 rounds of 9mm black blazer brand.

3. 20 boxes of pure hemp big bambi brand.

4. 20 boxes of wrapping paper big bambi brand.

5. 6 black 9 mm ammunition drums

6. 3 black 5.56 mm ammunition drums

7. 700 rounds of .45 cal ammo Centerfire brand

8. 60 rounds of 5.56 mm ammo. American eagle brand.

9.1 MAGPUL assault rifle with scope

10. 3 black 5.56mm magazines

11. 4 pistols each with 1 magazine.

12. 2 brown coloured “rouni” attachments with scopes. ” turns any pistol into an automatic firing weapon”

13. 10 boxes of .40cal ammo. 50 rounds per box

14. 6 .40 calibre extended mags

15. 50 rounds of 9 mm hollow point.

Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) were contacted, and the items were processed, packaged, and photographed, to be sent to SERU for further processing.

Major weapons haul on Thursday 22 April 2021

Reports are that sometime at about March 15th, 2021, police received information from their international partners to be on the lookout for the importation of arms and ammunition into this country.

On April 20th, further information was received, and a package was identified at the Bond.

On April 22nd, an operation was carried out at the Bond, involving officers of the Customs and Excise Division, the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), and the TTPS Crime Scene Unit.

The package, which included 30 firearms and 762 rounds of assorted ammunition, came in from the United States and was at the Laparkan Bond in Piarco.

Police sources said when the shipment came in, there was no consignee name attached; however, investigators suspect that it may have been sent for a businessman in North Trinidad. Police are expected to detain the businessman for questioning.

Officials found 15 high-powered weapons, 13 pistols, one revolver and one shotgun as well as an assortment of ammunition, police sirens, police blue lights, a bullet-proof vest, and a variety of magazines.

The haul also included 293 rounds of 5.56 ammunition; 321rounds of 9mm ammunition; 32 rounds of 12-gauge cartridges; 25 rounds of .380 ammunition; 91 rounds of 10 mm ammunition; four police sirens; four police blue lights; one bulletproof vest; 28 rifle magazines; seven extended 9mm magazines; 21 regular 9mm magazines; one 5.56 drum magazines; three 9mm drum magazines; two shotgun barrel chokes; a tactical bag; six black balaclavas; four 5.56 magazine holders and a packet of pills believed to be ecstasy.

The SIU is continuing investigations.