Couva West Secondary School

Repair works at the Couva West Secondary have hit another snag, delaying the reopening of the school yet again.

Couva West has remained closed since the start of the new school term because of infrastructural issues.

Yesterday Minister of Education Anthony Garcia explained to members of the media at a news conference at the Ministry’s St Vincent Street, Port-of-Spain head office that the school cannot be opened yet.

“When we felt everything was there for school to reopen on Monday, on Sunday I received a phone call that a sewer pump had failed to function that caused a backup of sewerage in some toilet areas,” he said.

Minister Garcia explained they have been treating with several infrastructural issues in the school, however, he admitted that it’s uncharacteristic for such a relatively new building to be experiencing the number of problems which it has been facing.

“Some people say sabotage. I am not saying that but the fact is unusual for a school to be fraught with so many problems, especially a school that is only six years old”.

He assured that despite the most recent problem, the ministry is doing “everything possible” so the school could be reopened this week.

“As soon as we get OSH clearance then things will be okay,” he said.

Garcia explained that the ministry has been experiencing challenges with leaky underground pipes at the school. He said the ministry’s technical team discovered that no adhesive was used in connecting the pipes which he credits as the culprit. This he said led to the presence of mould and leaks inside the walls. He also indicated that the concrete roofs began to leak due to a faulty waterproof membrane.

Last week frustrated parents grew angry after the minister did not attend a scheduled meeting. They protested outside the closed school, saying their children were suffering and claimed little was being done to ensure they received an education.