The incident reportedly took place on Thursday

The video of a school fight has surfaced on social media, this time allegedly between female students of a St Augustine school.

In the video, the students were seen shoving, slapping and punching each other, while their classmates scream in excitement.

This all took place in a hallway of the school.

The fight appears to have continued outside the school compound, as another video shows the students fighting in a savannah. However, the physical row is quelled by an adult, as the rest of the school students look on from higher ground.

Pictures then surfaced showing the students injuries, which included scrapes, bruises and swelling.

According to comments on social media, the fight occurred on Thursday.

When contacted, an Education Ministry official confirmed that the incident had been reported to the Education District Office. They also said the Principal of the school is writing a report, which will be submitted to the Ministry.

This latest incident comes after four female students from a secondary school in Palo Seco were suspended after fighting on Tuesday evening, in an incident which saw the police getting involved.