Milton Eastman, school supervisor 1,left, presents an electronic device to the principal of Scarborough Methodist Pimary School Diana Washington-Phillips on behalf of ANSA McAL’s General Manager of Tobago Marketing Company David Lum Kong, right, during the presentation ceremony yesterday.

Camille Mceachnie

As part of its corporate social responsibility, ANSA McAL’s Tobago Marketing Company Ltd (TOMCO) adopted the Scarborough Methodist School on Tuesday.

The move is part of the Ministry of Education’s Adopt-a -school initiative.

At a simple ceremony, held at the Education Division’s Dutch Fort, Scarborough headquarters, to mark the occasion, the group of companies Tobago Manager David Lum Kong says the company is happy to partner with the division in these difficult times.

He explained how TOMCO assists the Tobago economy.

“We have seven different companies over here but this one is the only one that is, should I say fully Tobagonian so, in essence, we have invested substantially in the Tobago commerce and business community…We are very proud of that, and we will always continue to contribute to the local communities.”

Lum Kong said the company is doing other programmes in rural areas in Tobago and donates feminine care to Roxborough students.

On receiving four electronic devices, principal of Scarborough Methodist School Diana Washington -Phillips said she is elated to get the devices, as many students were using their parents’ cell phones to access classes.