ANSA McAL executive chairman Norman Sabga.

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They are leaving their homes and families every day, braving what could probably be described as the world’s greatest contagion to date — the novel COVID-19.

There is no guarantee they’d be spared the flames of this anguishing virus, which has engulfed the globe, sending the world into mayhem and diminishing the family tree.

These men and women on the frontline who don’t get a day off or the “luxury” of utilising governments’ stay at home orders or curfews—last resort measures in some instances, instated to reduce the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and save lives, are our doctors, nurses, members of the protective services, media practitioners and even janitors among a long list of others.

They, lumped up as essential workers, are on the battlefield carrying this burden on their shoulders, ensuring they keep the rest of the world afloat.

ANSA McAl recognises it’s not just their job or their duty but their hearts, compassion and commitment, that’s the driving forces behind their willingness to risk their lives. It is with this reasoning and its formula— ‘Together we’re a Family,’ in its humblest relic of appreciation, the conglomerate in collaboration with I Support Our Services (ISOS) and ReThink Trinidad, decided to launch the ANSA McAl National Applause Initiative.

As explained by group corporate communications manager Sharon Balroop, the collaborative initiative that will be officially held toda˚˚y, at 10 am nationwide, was joining the rest of the world in paying tribute to courageous heroes on the theatre of war, fighting against the coronavirus pandemic.

She said as it pertains to these essential workers in Trinidad and Tobago the National Applause Initiative would pioneer a national outpouring of gratitude commensurable with this unprecedented biological monstrosity.

“It is the moment when we put our hands together in a sound collective support to be heard across Trinidad and Tobago. People, following social distancing protocols, can stand in their homes, gardens or balconies, and just clap or use a bottle or spoon, conch shell, musical instrument or anything positive to demonstrate support,” Balroop suggested.

Asked if the initiative would be a one-off venture, Balroop said it was a non-partisan initiative that should continue long after this thought-provoking time faced by people all over the globe.

She added, though ANSA McAl, ISOS and ReThink Trinidad were the principal initiators of the National Applause campaign, they were communicating with other stakeholders to encourage them to utilise their platforms to share the message of support.

“Draped in the pride of red, white and black, we applaud those who support our nation during these challenging times. We will get through this when we stand strong together,” Balroop asserted.