The latest electronic billboard ad calling on UNC leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar to step down went up along Independence Square, Port-of-pain, yesterday.

There is now a “Budget debate” billboard against Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

Yet another billboard calling for the Opposition leader to step down has popped up – this time on Independence Square, Port-of-Spain

It’s the fifth billboard put up by Persad-Bissessar’s detractors and was revealed yesterday ahead of Persad-Bissessar’s address at United National Congress’ virtual meeting on Monday night.

The latest is an electronic billboard similar to the first one set up in Aranguez, San Juan, earlier this month. Three others were also put up in Claxton Bay, La Romaine and Macoya.

On Monday, activist Devant Maharaj, who is behind the campaign for Persad-Bissessar to step down following her latest election defeat, said more billboards will be going up.

“The billboard on Independence Square was deliberately chosen, as it was meant to send a message in the capital city in the month of the 2021 Budget debate that there are significant elements within the UNC that are uncomfortable with the Kamla-led UNC. Many anticipate UNC MPs will be overshadowed by the PNM in debate,” Maharaj said.

“The decision to continue with a public campaign calling on the Leader of the Opposition to step down following 11 successive electoral defeats, including two general elections, comes from the tremendous feedback I’m getting from the UNC membership, who are just simply fed up of losing.

“Only yesterday I received a call from a member from Barrackpore asking that I set up a billboard on his property. I received a similar call from another member with land off the highway in San Juan to do the same.

“The billboards have stimulated intense discussions within the UNC membership. There are those die-hards who want Kamla as leader no matter if she continues to lose election after election. There’s growing segments of UNC members that are intolerant with the losses and rightly blame the leadership.”

Maharaj said the UNC leadership had responded to the billboards by name-calling.

“She referred to ‘ants’ no doubt a play on ‘Dev Ant’. But there’s no addressing of the substantial issue of the violations of the UNC constitution and losing election after election,” he said.

“MPs past and present are being trotted out at UNC Monday meetings to endorse the leader, abusing the party process for a leadership race internally. Recently, Tim Gopeesingh, who didn’t feature in the election, found himself on a Monday forum to endorse the leader. This is all a reaction to the growing membership disquiet on the leadership issue,”

He noted the resignation of a UNC San Juan executive member yesterday and social media posts calling for the billboards.