Archbishop Jason Gordon

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Archbishop Jason Gordon has lamented that the current generation has lost the significance of the value of integrity, God and heaven.

Quoting from Matthew 5:30 of the Bible during Holy Mass at the Living Water Community Chapel in Port-of-Spain yesterday, Gordon told his flock that it was as though people were now blind to corruption and disrespect and likened it to cancer.

“Our country has become so corrupt it is hard for business people to live straight without sinning their souls with corruption to keep their businesses alive, and that is a terrible thing,” Archbishop Gordon said.

“We have become so disrespectful to each other that it is difficult to keep your soul intact when you hear levels of utter disrespect to people and yourself and other people. And you hear the levels of disrespect that people are willing to go. I find it alarming.”

He noted that Matthew 5:30 says it is better to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell, so if your right hand causes you to stumble, you should cut it off and throw it away.

He said while corruption and disrespect have become the norm, he reminded the congregation that God’s disciples should bless others and make the right decision because it is right and trust that God will make it right.

“We have to have that level of faith in God in this society which we are living in right now.”

As the church celebrated the Eucharist of Christ, Gordon told disciples that the most precious gift they could give back to God was the bending of their hearts to his will.

“We have devalued God so much that we have made God into some kind of nice friend who would always forgive us. Therefore, we should always just do not worry, be happy,” Archbishop Gilbert said.

As Christians believe that judgement will ultimately come, Gordon said people will either be blessed in Abraham’s bosom or spend eternity where the fire never goes out and the worms do not stop eating. A Christian’s goal is to get to heaven and Gordon said if they live with this in mind, there are many things they would not do.